Friday, December 12, 2008

December 2008

I have had a lot going on lately. Have a boyfriend I have been dating for the last couple of months. Starting January 1st I will be living with him. We are living at his house. Much better than my crappy condo. Better neighborhood to. His name is Joe. He has a great house and a wonderful beautiful German Sheppard named Hopkins. Hopkins and my dog, Socks are getting along fine. Hopkins and my cat, Nanook are still adjusting to each other. We have decorated the house nice for Christmas. Finishing up Nathan's blanket this weekend so he can have it for Christmas.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Update on my life

So some things have happened over the past month that made me down but now I am back up again. I started working out again this week. I got a new kitten on Sunday. Decided to name him Nanook. He is so cute.
I just finished crocheting a fall purse for a contest for Chains and Purls of Plano. On the personal development side I have added a few new sites to make money off of to my network marketing, I am still working on Success University as my main focus in that area. It will give me the most money out of all the network marketing things. Did my first ad and my first banner ad this past week so hopefully will start getting some responses from them.
Other than that not much going on. Just hanging out with my friends and going to Chains and Pearls events. Did go to a Knitting/Crocheting event a couple of weeks ago at 1/2 Price Books. Spent from 10 am to 6 pm there and it really helped me get my focus back on what needs to be done in my life. I came home with a bunch of really nice yarn and some pattern books. I also won one of the better prizes of the day. A nice bag, a nice gauge finder and a gift certificate to a local yarn shop. Yea!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Update on my life in my new condo

So Nathan and I had a decent weekend. Got to spend some time with my boyfriend. My boyfriend made the suggestion of putting chairs in my room so we did not always have to sit on my bed when surfing the net on our laptops. I had never really thought about it as for the past five years I have always sat on my bed when in my room. So I put two comfy chairs in my room. Really looks nice. This was the first labor day in five years I actually got to sit around and do nothing. Living at my parents house they always have found the three day weekends to be long work in house or yard weekends. Really enjoyed getting up late and doing whatever I wanted to do with no one bugging me to do some work.
Nathan and I checked out the pool today. He had a blast. I got a lot more boxes emptied out. Something fun was I got to take all my china and crystal out of their boxes (even when I was married they were in boxes) and put them all away in my cabinets. That was really cool for me.
I finished my freeform crochet. It turned out cool for my first one. I finished a crocheted pig. Have had lots of complements on it. Did a crocheted hyperbolic ball today. Will use a bigger hook next time. Really neat object to make. Just something fun to sit and crochet. Could be used for a freeform item.
So my goals for September are to really get my personal developement stuff going full speed, get all my crochet wips done and to be drama free by the end of September. My goals for the week are to get my domain name set up, website set up and business cards ordered. Also to get cable put in the two bedrooms and get a tv for my room.
Have a great week and a great month....

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Today was a great day

Today was a great day because I got my new phone and am having a blast playing with it. I had a really nice evening with my crochet/knitting group, and I found a magazine one of the ladies was looking for. I also made a bet with my upline in my personal development to reach my goal by December 31st. And I will do it!!! Still looking for my dog a friend. Off to play with my new Palm Centro phone. :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Latest News

I have moved in to my condo. Really enjoying it. Some of the personal development things I have been working on are conquering my fears, my health issues, and the foods I dislike. At the moment I have almost gotten rid of my dislike of wine. I have really been wanting to get over not liking wine and have tried over the years but have not been able to conquer it. With having a more positive attitude I have pretty much conquered it. Been working on my health. I now think of me as a healthy beautiful woman who is enjoying life.
Just finished a scarf today from a new Crochet book I bought on Monday. Hot pink curly Q scarf. Very nice looking. Working on making some rugs for my new place as it has all hardwood floors.
Looking for a companion for my dog, Socks. I think she is lonely here in the new place. Nathan had been wanting a male dog so now that we have our own place will be looking for him one.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Riding that Wave of Personal Development

My fortune cookie read -
No obstacles will stand in the way of your this month.
I so can't begin to tell you how true that is.
By taking a positive and new outlook on life, this last month has been wonderful and the future is looking great.
This week I move into a condo. I am so excited.
I have been going to crochet/knitting group once or twice a week all during the summer and am loving it. Crochet chills me out. It is so relaxing to me.
Crochet is my big thing. I take it everywhere. Just ask my family and friends. I get kidded cause I will crochet at red lights. Hey some of those red lights in Dallas are long. I can get a whole square crocheted on the way home from work.
My son will be home from his visit with his Dad in a few weeks. I know the move will be hard on him at first but in the end it will be good mentally for both of us.
Anyway back to the personal development. I have recently started this and it is great. Some of the wonderful things happening to me because of having a more positive and upbeat outlook on life are I get really good parking spots. You think I am kidding! I have gotten the first or second parking spots 5 times now (one was at a mall during peak hours). At work I am getting better attitudes with people on the phone, etc. My coworkers are so happy I am in better moods they have made comments on it. I was having issues with getting one apt I wanted and then another one, a condo, fell into my lap. Decided it all had a purpose. I read The Secret "I promise myself" each morning. Really helps to start the day. Go check this out for more information on the secret. When you get done looking at The Secret come back and check out the website link located on my profile. If you are truly interested in improving your life you will want to check it out. I did and it is making my life great.