Friday, October 30, 2009

This past week

I had a really "fun" week. I have a really bad habit of picking my zits on my face. Seems it finally paid me back by creating a huge infection on my chin. My lower face has pretty much been swollen since last Saturday. I ended up having to have my chin cut open on the outside to clean the infection out of that area and cut along the gum in front of my bottom teeth to clean the infection out from there also. Joe says maybe now this will break me from picking my zits... What really sucked was that last Sunday was the one year anniversary with Joe. He was so cute about it all. Brought me some flowers on Sunday, went and got dinner for us on Sunday as I did not wish to leave the house. He bought me some stuff I have been wanting for my new car so that was cool. I got him a magic bullet to replace the one he wore out. It is what he wanted. Also I finally was able to come back to work today as I was on pain killers and could not drive or do much as they made me really loopy and sleepy.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

my cat, Nanook

he is now over a year old. I got him about this time last year. see how tiny he was and how freakin' big he is now. i really never figured he would get as big as he has. he is a great cat. so playful, except for getting in my yarn all the dang time.