Monday, September 1, 2008

Update on my life in my new condo

So Nathan and I had a decent weekend. Got to spend some time with my boyfriend. My boyfriend made the suggestion of putting chairs in my room so we did not always have to sit on my bed when surfing the net on our laptops. I had never really thought about it as for the past five years I have always sat on my bed when in my room. So I put two comfy chairs in my room. Really looks nice. This was the first labor day in five years I actually got to sit around and do nothing. Living at my parents house they always have found the three day weekends to be long work in house or yard weekends. Really enjoyed getting up late and doing whatever I wanted to do with no one bugging me to do some work.
Nathan and I checked out the pool today. He had a blast. I got a lot more boxes emptied out. Something fun was I got to take all my china and crystal out of their boxes (even when I was married they were in boxes) and put them all away in my cabinets. That was really cool for me.
I finished my freeform crochet. It turned out cool for my first one. I finished a crocheted pig. Have had lots of complements on it. Did a crocheted hyperbolic ball today. Will use a bigger hook next time. Really neat object to make. Just something fun to sit and crochet. Could be used for a freeform item.
So my goals for September are to really get my personal developement stuff going full speed, get all my crochet wips done and to be drama free by the end of September. My goals for the week are to get my domain name set up, website set up and business cards ordered. Also to get cable put in the two bedrooms and get a tv for my room.
Have a great week and a great month....

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