Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Riding that Wave of Personal Development

My fortune cookie read -
No obstacles will stand in the way of your this month.
I so can't begin to tell you how true that is.
By taking a positive and new outlook on life, this last month has been wonderful and the future is looking great.
This week I move into a condo. I am so excited.
I have been going to crochet/knitting group once or twice a week all during the summer and am loving it. Crochet chills me out. It is so relaxing to me.
Crochet is my big thing. I take it everywhere. Just ask my family and friends. I get kidded cause I will crochet at red lights. Hey some of those red lights in Dallas are long. I can get a whole square crocheted on the way home from work.
My son will be home from his visit with his Dad in a few weeks. I know the move will be hard on him at first but in the end it will be good mentally for both of us.
Anyway back to the personal development. I have recently started this and it is great. Some of the wonderful things happening to me because of having a more positive and upbeat outlook on life are I get really good parking spots. You think I am kidding! I have gotten the first or second parking spots 5 times now (one was at a mall during peak hours). At work I am getting better attitudes with people on the phone, etc. My coworkers are so happy I am in better moods they have made comments on it. I was having issues with getting one apt I wanted and then another one, a condo, fell into my lap. Decided it all had a purpose. I read The Secret "I promise myself" each morning. Really helps to start the day. Go check this out for more information on the secret. http://www.thesecret.tv/optimists-creed/optimists-creed.pdf When you get done looking at The Secret come back and check out the website link located on my profile. If you are truly interested in improving your life you will want to check it out. I did and it is making my life great.

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